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Customer satisfaction rating from surveys sent after each completed ticket.

We've all been there.  It's hard, but let's face it. We understand the anguish of having a corporate business website but the vendor has disappeared or is not in terms with you. 


We are here. And we assure you complete peace of mind when it comes to keeping your website live and active. After-all, website maintenance is not a standby but a core service of ours. 

Fast – we are available to you via email or phone for taking your requests.  We have a commitment to a two business day turnaround on any task two hours or less, and we usually get those tasks done same day.

Proactive – we monitor your website for optimal performance. Website systems unique to your website installation will require regular updates or maintenance. When critical in nature – such as a security patch or a version update – this work is done immediately and billed to your account. Non-critical items are presented as a ticket for your approval prior to work being completed.

Knowledgeable – we hire technically skilled and proven web developers.  We’ve vetted out all of our staff so that you don’t have to worry about the level of knowledge or capability.  To add to that, we have a deep bench of expertise.  Should you have a unique maintenance need, we can most likely meet it.

Friendly – we hire nice people that are easy to talk to.  To add to that, you have access to the entire team.  If an issue arises that requires we pull in additional resources, we can.

Accountable – we treat your time like the money it is and carefully tend to it.  Bankable hours, online ticketing systems, time tracking system and easy terms make Parker Web highly accountable for your investment.

Statistics are compiled and updated monthly showing the last 12 months. 

This is the average response time before we start work on your request. We start and finish your request within hours not days or weeks.


This is a lot of website maintenance ! We can't wait to hear from you.

32 HRS.