Scripting Our Clients Success!


Role: Brand Asset Creator
Experience: 14 years

Having worked with corporates such as Tata Technologies for almost a decade, Arpan understands the impact of media decisions taken with regards to the perception outcome (the brand) it can create on the business.

Arpan is a Kolkata boy & the best way to keep him interested is to propose him fish curry with rice. Leave the rest to sweet meat.

Speak to Arpan: +91 98 902 00 373


Role: Creative Producer
Experience: 7 years

Refuses to believe that the same god created chickens as much he did paneer, that's right - this is the 
only pure veg. corner in our office. Having said that, he pops up ideas like Cremini mushrooms sprung all over the room. Full of zeal, proactive  & gushing vibrance of new media, Ashwin is the alpha & omega of projects here.

Speak to Ashwin: +91 915 8899 795 (if unreachable, he's in Goa or Ladakh)
Email: (is not a name based id., but he accesses this account)

Role: Media Producer
Experience: 19 years 

Handles marketing and media consulting. This guy weighs about a 100 kilos. and consumes gallons of coffee relishing carnivore food to no end.​​ He has graduated in Photography & Broadcast technologies, a rare degree on a few completing his final year thesis on the evolution of photographic cameras (starting with the Pinhole Camera). With an active industry experience of 19+ years, Bejoy works with the best of clients spanning diverse industry verticals.

Speak to Bejoy: +91 9850 555 795
Skype: vision.kraft
Email: (is not a name based id., but he accesses this account. Typically responds faster on phone, mid life crisis you see... LOL!)


We are an above-the-line team. Which means we take ownership, accountability & responsibility for every assignment we are engaged in. We look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you at the date & time of your requirements as we introduce our key team below...