Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They are passionate about results, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way. However, that does not take away from the focus on work. All of us are direct and straightforward - even if that means telling the uncomfortable truth. We are ambitious, impatient for success and how !

Bejoy Peter - Executive Producer 

Handles marketing and media consulting. This guy weighs about a 100 kilos. and consumes gallons of coffee and non veg food. He has graduated in Photography & Audio Visual Production, a rare degree on a few. He has an experience of 15+ years in media production and new media delivery.

Tahir Sayyad - WizKid

Handles technology and implementation. Cracks jokes and laughs at them himself. Then we all laugh. Ofcourse not at the joke. Having said that, this guy is champ at multimedia technologies and delivers the most complex projects with the most challenging deadlines. He wanted to invent facebook, but Mark did, a little before.

Monali Bachhav - Client Relations

Nashik, she thinks is the capital of India. So we put her up there too. Yes she handles our business in Pune & Nashik (Nasik). She understands client requirements like a cat knows where the fish is. She loves showing off her RayBan's, her iPad, her hair colour, her bags, her shoes, her nail colour... Okay thank you !

Ritesh Ramaiah - Creative Visualisation & Cinematography

Kodak means nothing. Ritesh decided to give it some. He does more than that. Say our clients, Ritesh can transform stuff to uff (Hindi for Sexy). Cars, he loves them. Drives them, fast, really fast. Once he managed a side-wheely on his car; the eternal question still remains... How ?

Nisha Menon - Content, Scripts & Narratives

Kochi is the centre of the Planet Earth. She thinks. She writes. And makes you believe it is. When is not writing or editing, she plays 'Consulting-Mom' to her friends. They call her for every advise on varied topics related to Mama Earth. So do our Clients and well she does advise them right. Her creative consulting can put most media into the running gear...

Pallavi Arora - Executive Producer

Pallavi you know Jill was up with Jack. Pallavi a stiff feminist, cares a lot for Jill. Pallavi believes that talking is not selling; asking is. She can ask, ask & ask till she knows where and what the solution is. A workaholic at core; Pallavi it's 8pm and we need to call the day off !

In short, Vision Krafters’ are not only the kind of people you would love to work with, but they are also the people you would want to socialise with outside work. We encourage you to take every opportunity to interact with our people and witness the vibrancy of the office in person.